Work Placement: Day 1- Rice Lane City Farm, Poetry Writing and Pumpkin the Goat

Today was the first day of my university placement with The Windows Project, which involved a visit to Rice Lane City Farm, helping young children get involved with writing and poetry. I travelled in with the poet Eleanor Rees and set up in the farmyard (near a very lovely goat named Pumpkin!) to begin our workshop.

image (5)

We worked with the children to create poems about the animals on the farm, and created drawings alongside the words for those who wanted to be extra creative! We worked with both rhymes and free verse, as many children do not know that not all poems have to rhyme. It was encouraging to see that some children had already read some of the poetry books that we had brought with us, as it shows they have an interest in poetry and may go on to write their own poems.

Pumpkin the Goat was by far the most popular animal of the day, she was well-behaved for both the children and the staff (until it was time for walks!). With a little free time at the end of the day, I created my own poem about Pumpkin, inspired by the sign outside her pen..


image (4)

Everybody had a wonderful day at the farm, where we will be returning tomorrow, ready with new games and exciting activities for the children…including the Amazing Push Poem Machine!



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