Work Placement Day 3: Calder Kids, Kylo Ren and Comic Strips

Today I worked with Judy Mazonowicz and the artist Paul Gent at Calder Kids Adventure Playground. Calder Kids is a place for children with various disabilities, where they can play in the amazing playground and participate in other activities throughout the day. For this workshop, the children played a game where they rolled a dice in order to pick a card which would work as the basis for their poem- the theme for these poems was the street the children lived on. Examples of cards would include ‘Sounds’, ‘Buildings’ ‘Who is there?’ etc. Once the children had written their poems, Paul turned them into comic strips:

The children also had their poems in their original form placed onto backing paper and decorated with their own drawings or cut-outs. This is particularly helpful for some special needs children as it gives an extra element to their work and allows for a more visual and colourful expression of their work! The poem of one child, Molly, shown below- is written about her mother and was decorated with cut out flowers, with the original work being gone over in felt tips and the backing paper chosen being green- Molly’s favourite colour.

image (16)

We were all very proud of Molly and her work as she managed two amazing poems over the session, as well as cutting out and decorating both. Zac and Isaac also did excellent jobs, choosing to base their poems on games they played in their street- both were big Star Wars fans- as evidenced in the comic strips- and even Harry Potter himself made a brief appearance- It was a great day working with the children and I look forward to returning soon!


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