“Only Amnesiacs Have No Regrets”- Jean-Michel Guenassia’s The Incorrigible Optimists Club

"Only amnesiacs have no regrets" is perhaps one of the most profound statements in Jean-Michel Guenassia's The Incorrigible Optimists Club. It holds particular relevance with the novel itself, as the club is made up of members who fled from behind the iron curtain, leaving jobs, wives and children behind them for the sake of their lives and… Continue reading “Only Amnesiacs Have No Regrets”- Jean-Michel Guenassia’s The Incorrigible Optimists Club


The Girls by Emma Cline

Emma Cline's The Girls tells the story of Evie Boyd, an ex-member of a cult in 1970's  Petaluma, California. The novel begins properly with Evie's present- a somewhat run-of-the-mill, paycheck to paycheck life, in which she house-sits in various places and does little else. However, we have already been introduced to her colorful past in the two… Continue reading The Girls by Emma Cline

Review: Watership Down

“Rabbits (says Mr. Lockley) are like human beings in many ways. One of these is certainly their staunch ability to withstand disaster and to let the stream of their life carry them along, past reaches of terror and loss. They have a certain quality which it would not be accurate to describe as callousness or… Continue reading Review: Watership Down